Nathan Dennis appears on The Spark from First Give

Nathan Dennis appears on The Spark from First Give

Nathan Dennis talks to First Give's Director Louisa Searle about what ignited his spark of social conscience.

Show notes

First Give's Director, Louisa Searle, talks to Nathan Dennis - an award-winning social entrepreneur, author, and youth and community specialist consultant.

He is the Founder and Trustee of First Class Foundation and senior consultant and trainer at Legacy Consultants.

First Class Foundation is a charity that tackles youth violence and builds mental health resilience through connecting with young people aged 13-25 and introducing them to new opportunities.

First Class Foundation has six pillars which are: Family, Criminal Justice, Politics, Education, Business and Enterprise and Health. Each Pillar represents the areas where First Class Foundation has influence and opportunities for the target group i.e., training and support in business and enterprise.   Nathan also helps many companies engage, connect, and build lasting relationships with those deemed traditionally hard to reach through Legacy Consultants, which helps companies think about how they engage with diverse communities. Nathan started off his journey as a school speaker, going into schools and sharing his story, transition, change and his transformation.

In this podcast Nathan talks to Louisa about his difficult childhood and schooldays, how he made a dramatic change of direction in life, and why he now dedicates so much time to sociallly purposeful and charitable work.

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